Nottingham Personal Trainer
Jack Donald

I like to help and inspire people to shape their future via exercise and lifestyle change.

I started out on the fitness and healthy living trail a number of years ago, I have not always been a personal trainer, I am also a professional musician and music teacher.

As a young lad, as I got taller the thinner I became, eventually reaching 6ft 4″ I didn’t like the way I was looking especially whilst performing and with lots of promo pictures being taken, I decided I needed to work hard and took a lifesytle decision to change how I looked and felt.
I started out at local gyms doing all kinds of exercise, working with personal trainers to build and bulk up my body weight and physique.
It was hard work, I was in the gym 6/7 days per week for hours at a time and I loved what I was doing more and more, pushing myself and working towards goals, discipline.

I then decided that I wanted to help others who may be in a similar position to me who dislike what they see, suffer with confidence issues or just want to get fit and have a healthier life. I decided to follow the path to becoming a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness coach.

I do have a passion for weights, boxing and a very good knowledge of Nutrition as I have had to go down this path to achieve my own personal aims.

Check out my services page for more information regarding working with Jack Donald Nottingham Personal Trainer.
womans feet in trainers on a treadmill
2 blue 2kg weights
man squatting holding barbell with weight on
man holding black dumbell
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